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C# Question

TextBox.KeyPress event is missing the most recent key pressed? Huh?

I've got a

which has a
. I've wired up the
event so I can do stuff with the text in that textbox instance.

In the method that handles that event, the value of the
is the current text box content MINUS the key just pressed. I need it to be the exact text INCLUDING what key i just pessed.

for example :-

  • TextBox.Text == hello

  • I then click the

  • The
    event is fired .. the value of
    TextBox.Text ==
    :( I want it to equal

And please don't say just add the
value .. because that now is

Is there an event i can use that can get fired AFTER the key is pressed -and- the value of the textbox is the correct/current value?

Answer Source

You need the KeyUp event.

Key events occur in the following order:
1. KeyDown
2. KeyPress
3. KeyUp

Source: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.windows.forms.control.keyup.aspx

Also consider TextChanged if you're only working with the text and not the keys in particular.

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