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Android Question

How to disable displaying "suggestions" on the Soft Keyboard

I want to turn off displaying "Suggested Words" on the soft/virtual keyboard when someone is using my application (only on certain

). For the default Android keyboard, this can be found under 'Settings' (under Word Suggestion Settings).

Is there a way to disable it only within your application, without requiring the user to manually go and do it? I basically want the user to type words without providing any hints.


Answer Source

When developing for 2.0+, the supposed way is setting android:inputType="textNoSuggestions" (ref). Unfortunately, suggestions are still shown on HTC Desire 2.2 (and probably other HTC Sense devices as well).
With "android:inputType="textVisiblePassword" the sotware keyboard by HTC won't allow you to switch language.
So I stick to "android:inputType="textFilter" to disable suggestions.

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