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Perl Question

Perl Regex match something, but make sure that the match string does not contain a string

I have files with sequences of conversations where speakers are tagged. The format of my files is:

I am John
And I am Lisa

I am now looking to identify the first sequence in each document in which John speaks and Lisa speaks right afterwards (and I then want to then retain the entire part of the document that follows this sequence, including the sequence).

I built this regex:


but it of course also captures the case where there is a sequence of speakers is John-Michael-Lisa, i.e. where there is someone speaking between John and Lisa.

How can I get the right match?

Answer Source

Here is a regex you can use to match what you describe:


And a small demo showing that it works:

However, as both kchinger and owler mentioned, regex probably isn't the best way to do this. A regex solution would likely be significantly slower than a small snippet of code for any long document.

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