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CSS Question

css select :nth-of-child(1) not working

so im trying to make the first wide box under recent promotions (at the bottom) have a a bigger height than the rest of the boxes, however nth-of-child is not working, I just need it for that first wide box. here is the code:

#listify_widget_recent_listings-2 .job_listing-entry-header:nth-child(1) {
height: 400px !important;

When you remove the :nth-of-child it makes all the boxes bigger as expected in that widget so I am not sure why its not working for the first. Help!

Answer Source

please try this

#listify_widget_recent_listings-2 .job_listings li:nth-child(1) .job_listing-entry-header.listing-cover.has-image {
    height: 400px !important;

comment please if i miss something

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