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Geosphere/dplyr: create matrix of distance between coordinates

I want to create a "matrix" of the distance between multiple coordinates with each other. Preferably using dplyr/geosphere. I already saw that the geosphere package offers this. I managed to create the distance between two vectors but I have difficulties creating the full matrix.

This is the sample table with multiple coordinates.

df$latitude<- c(49.48609,-8.14671,11.28625)
df$longitude<- c(8.463678,143.05793,-11.18285)

latitude longitude
1 49.48609 8.463678
2 -8.14671 143.057930
3 11.28625 -11.182850

And this is the output I am looking for.

latitude longitude distance-latlon1 distance-latlon2 distance-latlon3
1 49.48609 8.463678 NA *latlon2><latlon1 *latlon3><latlon1
2 -8.14671 143.057930 *latlon1><latlon2 NA *latlon3><latlon2
3 11.28625 -11.182850 *latlon1><latlon3 *latlon2><latlon3 NA

I tried out using geosphere but I only found a way to calculate the distance between two columns (which in this snippet results in a 0).

df$distance <- distVincentyEllipsoid(df[,c('longitude','latitude')],df[,c('longitude','latitude')])

Answer Source

You need the distm function of the geosphere-package. With:

# create a distance matrix
m <- distm(df[2:1], df[2:1], fun = distVincentyEllipsoid)

# replace the diagonal with NA
diag(m) <- NA

# make column names for the distance matrix
colnames(m) <- paste0('r',1:nrow(df))

# bind the distance matrix to the dataframe, m)

you get:

  latitude  longitude       r1       r2       r3
1 49.48609   8.463678       NA 13792423  4606658
2 -8.14671 143.057930 13792423       NA 17189185
3 11.28625 -11.182850  4606658 17189185       NA
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