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CSS Question

Font family Open Sans not working

I'm using Open Sans font for my website but it is not working across all computer and I can't figure it why.

I'm calling it in my

tag. I tried
and the result is the same.

<link href='//,600italic,700italic,400,600,700' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

It is well loaded from the browser (status 200).

My CSS looks like this:

font-family: OpenSans;

But my text are rendered with some sans-serif font besides the fact that it mention Open Sans in the CSS inspector. Even if I remove all font-family from the CSS inspector in my Chrome browser, the font doesn't change. Also, if I add !important, nothing change.

What can be the source of this issue?

I already tried this solution without success.

I don't think it's a conflict because it's working on some computer.

Answer Source

Ok, my main error was to use font-family: OpenSans; instead of font-family: 'Open Sans';

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