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Linux Question

Redirecting output of a shell script to a program

I have a file named

. In the file I have all the numbers from 1 to 1000. And I have a program that inserts 1 to 5 in 200 round.

I tried the following script:

while read p; do
echo $((p % 5 + 1))
done <numbers.txt

It prints numbers from 1 to 5 in 200, as expected.

Now I need to redirect the output to the input of my program. I tried this:

./my-program < while read p; do
echo $((p % 5 + 1))
done <numbers.txt

But it failed an error:

syntax error near unexpected token `do'

How can I run
with input from the loop?

Answer Source

./my-program < ... - this syntax is only for files, in your case you want to use this type of redirection:

while read p; do
  echo $((p % 5 + 1))
done <numbers.txt | ./my-program
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