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Gradle is not running after set path in environment

I downloaded Gradle 3.0 version and set path in environment variable.

" C:\New_Project_Softwares\gradle3.0"

and set in the above into the path like :

" path= %GRADLE_HOME%\bin"

. But when i run in command prompt as

" gradle -v"

, it is saying " 'gradle' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file." . This means , the path is not set properly. could you please help me out how to set path for Gradle.

Answer Source

Try this

set GRADLE_HOME=C:\New_Project_Softwares\gradle3.0
set path= %GRADLE_HOME%\bin;%path%
gradle -v

To make sure the path is set, in command prompt type set and see in the path variable the gradle path is set.

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