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How to push extra chosen option after loading the view page?

Well, I am facing some hardship to add extra option after loading the completely page for a

. It's works fine when I am attaching the values prior to the page load. But after page loading completely its can't able to add values to the
likewise in the image enter image description here
Here, I will select the project and then on the basis of the project the list of assignee are coming from
calling. But I am not quiet capable to add those assignee to this chosen list.
I have used this type of
to add the values to the chosen list

$('.chosen-results').append("<li class='active-result' data-option-array-index='10'>Buddy</li>")

It's just add the value in the list but this list can't be selected. When I click on the new added option then it's disappearing and vanishing the option. I badly need a proper solution of this, I am quiet tired of solving this problem. Please Help.

Answer Source

You need to append option to select element. No need to append li to chosen result. After that use chosen:updated event to re-build chosen.

var selectElem = $("select");

//Append option
selectElem.append($("<option>", {
    value : "new Value",
    text: "Buddy"

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