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How to get PHP site live on amazone EC2 instance?

I have already installed ubuntu14, lamp, phpmyadmin on the EC2 instance. The site is running fine with the public dsn:


Now I need to make it live for original domain like


I did not register
through amazon aws, but through the separate domain service provider. In Route 53, I added a hosted zone with
that created two record sets. One with NS and one with SOA. I noted NS, name server/Delegation Set provided by
amazone route 53
and replaced the existing name server from registrar from where I purchased domain.

How to i link
Route 53 hosted zone
with my
ec2 apache www

What is next step? I dont know.

Answer Source

In AWS Route 53. You need to create an A type record in you hosted zone. Click on Create Record Set and in the right panel use the following values:

Name: <leave blank>
Type: A - IPv4 address
Value: <your elastic ip>

Then hit Create button.

If you want www.example.com create another record filling field Name with www.

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