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jQuery Question

css z-index property is not working even on divs with position

I am trying to make a draggable div visible over everything else while dragging it.

Here is my jquery touch punch code:

zIndex: 99999999999,
drag: function(event){...},
helper: 'clone',
position: 'absolute',
owerflow: 'hidden'

I know that z-index works only on elements with position, so i added
to other divs as well. But it only works when i am on the parent div of the draggable element. I use a huge css file with lot of classes so i cant copy the proper part of it.

Answer Source

You dont need ani position in css, just create a custom function for helper where you add the actually dragged element to the outer element which contains your drop element as well.

  zIndex: 20,
  drag: function(event){...},
  helper: function(){
    $("#outerElement").append($("#draggable").clone().attr('id', 'itWorks'))
    return $("#itWorks");
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