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How to test google calendar api v3 on localhost

Is it possible to test Google Calendar API v3 client side read-only data in javascript implementation on the localhost? I simply want to parse json retrieved with jquery such as

$.getJSON(restfulUrl, successFunction(data));

This is the post I read to succeed in connecting with v3 and getting the json on my web server:
Parse Google Calendar v3 API JSON with JQuery

However, it is incredibly obnoxious to have to upload a new version of my development script every time I want to test it. I am able to get this far because I listed my web server domain under public api access referrers in the Google Developers Console. I listed my organization IP in the same referrer list, but that does not work. I also tried adding
but those don't work either.

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I had to manage my project, first by visiting

I clicked the Edit allowed referrers button and added these to the list:


At the time of writing, this was all done under APIs & auth > Credentials. This is necessary even for publicly available calendars.

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