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Keras + Tensorflow: Prediction on multiple gpus

I'm using Keras with tensorflow as backend.
I have one compiled/trained model.

My prediction loop is slow so I would like to find a way to parallelize the

calls to speed things up.
I would like to take a list of batches (of data) and then per available gpu, run
over a subset of those batches.


data = [ batch_0, batch_1, ... , batch_N ]
on gpu_0 => return predict_proba(batch_0)
on gpu_1 => return predict_proba(batch_1)
on gpu_N => return predict_proba(batch_N)

I know that it's possible in pure Tensorflow to assign ops to a given gpu (https://www.tensorflow.org/tutorials/using_gpu). However, I don't know how this translates to my situation since I've built/compiled/trained my model using Keras' api.

I had thought that maybe I just needed to use python's multiprocessing module and start a process per gpu that would run
. I know this is theoretically possible given another SO post of mine: Keras + Tensorflow and Multiprocessing in Python. However, this still leaves me with the dilemma of not knowing how to actually "choose" a gpu to operate the process on.

My question boils down to: how does one parallelize prediction for one model in Keras across multiple gpus when using Tensorflow as Keras' backend?

Additionally I am curious if similar parallelization for prediction is possible with only one gpu.

A high level description or code example would be greatly appreciated!


Answer Source

I created one simple example to show how to run keras model across multiple gpus. Basically, multiple processes are created and each of process owns a gpu. To specify the gpu id in process, setting env variable CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES is a very straightforward way (os.environ["CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES"]). Hope this git repo can help you.


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