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How to check entire rails project for compilation errors

I am new to ruby and rails. I am used to working in IDEs (Xcode, Visual Studio, etc.) where I can perform project-wide/workspace-wide "build/compile" operations.

Let's say that I modify a number of ruby files in my rails project. I haven't yet written tests that will exercise all of my changes.

Is there a way to ensure that all of my *.rb files compile without directly exercising them at runtime? I'd really just like to perform a "compile all of my ruby/erb files" operation so that I know that I don't currently have any syntax errors.


I probably should have mentioned that I've been writing code professionally for 20 years. I realize that Ruby isn't compiled like, say, C++, but that doesn't mean that its syntax can't be checked. In my case, I've decided to use ruby-lint to catch basic syntax errors without having to exercise the code at runtime.

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Ruby is an interpreted language. There is no compilation step. Please follow TDD and write your tests before you write your code.

UPDATE: Since this answer was accepted, I can't delete it unless the OP accepts another answer but people landing here through Google search, please see the other answers. This was more of a tongue in cheek remark than an answer. Ruby community has wonderful tools for doing all kinds of static code analysis like Rubocop and friends. At the bare minimum, ruby -c will accomplish what the OP wanted.