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Python Question

How to setup wxPython/robot framework RIDE on MAC?the wxPython did not work after run ride.py(on MAC OS)

I try to install Robot Framework RIDE to MAC(version 10.9.5) today.

  1. python version is 2.7.9(is default version in MAC)

  2. installed wxPython, install success.

  3. install Robot Framework(robotframework-ride-1.1) success.

when I try to open graphic tool RIDE and run ride.py.

I got return:

wxPython not found. You need to install wxPython 2.8 or 2.9 toolkit
with unicode support to run RIDE. See http://wxpython.org for more

Actually, I have installed wxPython, and when I try to run "import wx" in python env, I can got wxPython information return.

Anyone know how should I open graphic tool RIDE? Thanks!

Answer Source

Finally, I re setup os for MAC, I know this is not good solution for this issue. List all detail steps below:

  1. Python 2.7.5(this is best choose, or you can setup version 2.7.x)
  2. wxPython need unicode version http://sourceforge.net/projects/wxpython/files/wxPython/
  3. robot framework (lastest version: )
  4. robot framework RIDE (BETTER version 1.2.3 )
  5. run ride.py will got error: “python should be executed in 32-bit mode to support wxPython on mac. Check BUILD.rest for details" so python just support 32bit, run: "defaults write com.apple.versioner.python Prefer-32-Bit -bool yes”
  6. Try again: ride.py RIDE should be launched.
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