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Using custom fonts on a Label on Winforms

I have a label on my Winform and I want to use a custom font called XCalibur to make it appear more shnazzy.

If I use a custom font on a label and then build the solution and then .ZIP the files in \bin\Release will the end user see the labels with my custom app I used regardless if they have that font installed or not?

If this isn't the case, what's the proper way to use Custom Fonts on Labels.Text?

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Embed the font as a resource (or just include it in the bin directory), and then use the PrivateFontCollection to load the font (See the AddFontFile and AddMemoryFont functions). You then use the font normally like it was installed on the machine.

The PrivateFontCollection class allows applications to install a private version of an existing font without the requirement to replace the system version of the font. For example, GDI+ can create a private version of the Arial font in addition to the Arial font that the system uses. PrivateFontCollection can also be used to install fonts that do not exist in the operating system.