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iOS Question

How to bring a subview to the front when you tap it?

I have a view with about 30 subviews on it. I want to add code in my subview's viewcontroller so that when I tap the subview, the subview expands to fill the screen.

I'm using

[self.view setFrame:rect]
to expand the subview, and this works fine. The problem is that some of the other 29 subviews are above the subview that I just tapped, so they're still visible.

I've tried using
from the parent viewcontroller, but this appears to have no effect. Is there any code I can put in my subview's viewcontroller class to make this happen?

Answer Source

bringSubviewToFront should work, just make sure you're using it correctly. The usage is.

[parentView bringSubviewToFront:childView];
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