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iOS Question

"Could not find Developer Disk Image"

Recently I've been getting the error: "Could not find Developer Disk Image"

I think this happens since I have updated iOS to 9.1 on the iPhone.
How can I fix the problem and make Xcode support iOS 9.1 devices?

Answer Source

1) I have experienced same issue, my Xcode version was 7.0.1, and I updated my iPhone to version 9.2, then upon using Xcode, my iPhone was shown in the section of unavailable device. Just like in image below:

enter image description here

2) But then I somehow managed to select my iPhone by clicking at
Product -> Destination -> Unavailable Device

enter image description here

3) But that didn't solved my problem, and it started showing:

Could not find Developer Disk Image

enter image description here

Solution) Then finally I downloaded latest version of Xcode version 7.2 from here and everything has worked fine for me.

Update: Whenever version of iPhone device is higher than version of Xcode, you may experience same issue, so you should update your Xcode version to remove this error.

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