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Objective-C Question

Call variadic Objective-C function from Swift

I have summarized the steps of the problem, I have a C function defined in Objective-C:


#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

void cuslog(NSString *format, ...);

@interface ObjC : NSObject



#import "ObjC.h"

@implementation ObjC


void cuslog(NSString *format, ...)
// Implementation

I exposed it in Bridging-Header.h:

#import "ObjC.h"

// Also tried to put this line in bridging header
void cuslog(NSString *format, ...);

In Swift I intend to call the function like this:

cuslog("Some log")

But the error says:

"Use of unresolved identifier 'cuslog'"

What is the correct way to call the function in Swift?

Answer Source

According to the Swift devs, C variadic functions are not compatible with Swift variadics, so you won't be able to call your function directly.

The only workaround at this time is to write a non-variadic wrapper in C or Obj-C, and call that from Swift.

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