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how to convert byte array to string and vice versa

I have to convert a byte array to string in Android, but my byte array contains negative values.

If I convert that string again to byte array, values I am getting are different from original byte array values.

What can I do to get proper conversion? Code I am using to do the conversion is as follows:

// Code to convert byte arr to str:
byte[] by_original = {0,1,-2,3,-4,-5,6};
String str1 = new String(by_original);
System.out.println("str1 >> "+str1);

// Code to convert str to byte arr:
byte[] by_new = str1.getBytes();
for(int i=0;i<by_new.length;i++)
System.out.println("by1["+i+"] >> "+str1);

I am stuck in this problem.

Answer Source

The "proper conversion" between byte[] and String is to explicitly state the encoding you want to use. If you start with a byte[] and it does not in fact contain text data, there is no "proper conversion". Strings are for text, byte[] is for binary data, and the only really sensible thing to do is to avoid converting between them unless you absolutely have to.

If you really must use a String to hold binary data then the safest way is to use Base64 encoding.

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