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Node.js Question

Order and limit results in a query with a callback

Using Mongoose, I'd like to make a query with MongoDB and order and limit the results I get. I am doing this with Node.js so I am using callbacks.

So far, I have managed to order my results like this:

myModel.find({ $query: {}, $orderby: { created_at : -1 }}, function (err, items) {
callback( null, items )

How can I limit the results I get selecting and index and the number of items I want to get?

Answer Source

Using mongodb native: http://mongodb.github.io/node-mongodb-native/api-generated/collection.html#find


You can also specify the items in your query:

myModel.find(filter, {sort: {created_at: -1}, limit: 10}, function(err, items){


There is no $orderby in node mongodb native, so I'm not sure what library or other tool you're using.


Now that you've clarified Mongoose (which in general I recommend against):

myModel.find(filter).limit(10).exec(function(err, items){
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