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Express.js: how to get remote client address

I'm sorry if this is a repeated question but I don't completely understand how I should get a remote user IP address.

Let's say I have a simple request route such as:

app.get(/, function (req, res){
var forwardedIpsStr = req.header('x-forwarded-for');
var IP = '';

if (forwardedIpsStr) {
IP = forwardedIps = forwardedIpsStr.split(',')[0];

Is the above approach correct to get the real user IP address or is there a better way?
And what about proxies?

Answer Source

If you are running behind a proxy like NGiNX or what have you, only then you should check for 'x-forwarded-for':

var ip = req.headers['x-forwarded-for'] || req.connection.remoteAddress;

If the proxy isn't 'yours', I wouldn't trust the 'x-forwarded-for' header, because it can be spoofed.

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