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PHP Question

Addition assignment won't assign inside conditional

It is my (intuitive) understanding that using the addition assignment operator

in PHP for variables of the integer type would yield the result of the addition, while incrementing the left-side operand by the value of the right-side operand at the same time.

This understanding appears to be wrong, hence my question. Considering the following snippet of code:

$itr = 10;
$incr = 10;

if ($itr += $incr > 10) { // evaluates as true...
echo $itr; // but value of $itr remains unchanged

Why does it output 10 instead of 20?

The same happens using the ternary form:

echo ($itr += $incr > 10) ? $itr : 'neverhere'; // prints 10
// Note: I know that parentheses aren't really necessary here, it's just a personal practice.

What is going on?

Edit: Well, I found out that surrounding the expression
$itr += $incr
with parentheses fixes the apparent problem. Still, a proper explanation of why would be very cool. My appreciation in advance.

Answer Source

Operator precedence: The > is evaluated first and leads to false. When casted to an integer to add to your value, false is casted to 0.


$itr += $incr > 10


$itr += ($incr > 10)
$itr += (false)
$itr += 0
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