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mcafee mysql audit plugin version vs mysql version

Actually I was searching a opensource tool/plugin/command by which I can get some logs suppose who executed a truncate command at which time from which IP etc. but not getting such type a feature in open source (don't want to enable general log as wants specific/limited logs).

Fortunately I got information of mcafee mysql audit plugin and first I tested it on my testing environment where mysql version was 5.5.51, so after trying different versions of plugin I got "" this plugin and successfully implemented it, also getting logs whatever I wants.

Now my problem is that we are using 5.6.34 in our production environment and there are so many version of plugin for 5.6 at "" and I can't download them one by one and test in production environment.

Someone can help if have any logic/mapping that which mcafee mysql audit plugin work with which mysql version.

I will be very thankful.

Answer Source

I am updating this answer on my own post, so that if any other person is facing same issue then can get benefit.

When I posted this issue, there was latest plugin available at "", it was "audit-plugin-mysql-5.6-1.1.0-633", which was not compatible with latest mysql 5.6 version like 5.6.31 or 5.6.34.

So after my request on github through request "" they have updated latest plugin for 5.6 as "audit-plugin-mysql-5.6-1.1.0-638", which is working fine.

Now you can use below plugin-

mysql5.5.51 :
mysql5.6.31 :
mysql5.6.34 :
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