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Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment in uft

Thanks in Advance :) I can get the row count but not the column count using columncount method in uft 12.2. It simples throws an error at

Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment: 'AccNoTB.ColumnCount'. I know the column count is 8 here however they are dynamic & there is a risk to hard code the column count in script. Could you plz point out the correct? Thanks again

Set AccNoTB=browser("title:=.*").page("title:=.*").webtable("column names:=;Account No;Account Name;Billing City;Website;Phone;Assigned To;Action","cols:=8")




MsgBox AccTBvalue`

Answer Source

The column count of each row in the WebTable can differ therefore ColumnCount requires a parameter to specify to UFT which row's column count you're interested in.

A row can have
<table border=1>

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