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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How can I display an image from SQL Server using ASP.NET?

Here is my class (product.cs) where is the method to insert the image:

public static void InsertProductIMG(byte[] image, string contentType)
string cs = "Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=myApp;Integrated Security=True";
string comandoSql = "INSERT INTO [myApp].[dbo].[product] (image, ContentType) VALUES (@image, @contentType)";

using (SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection(cs))

using (SqlTransaction trans = conn.BeginTransaction())
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(comandoSql, conn, trans);
SqlParameter[] parms = new SqlParameter[2];
parms[0] = new SqlParameter("@image", image);
parms[1] = new SqlParameter("@contentType", contentType);
foreach (SqlParameter p in parms)


Here is the code behind of the apsx page where I call the method above:

byte[] imageBytes = new byte[fupld.PostedFile.InputStream.Length];
product.InsertProductIMG(imageBytes, "image/jpeg");//product is the class where the method is

Now I'd like to know how can I display this image?

Would I have to read the byte[] from sql (SELECT), convert to string and so convert to byte[]? And after do that convert to bitmap (System.Drawing). But how I show this bitmap in a aspx page?

I've no idea how to do it. Please help!! :]


Obs.: In SQL Server, the column
is of type

Answer Source

Create a web page that returns the image. You would select the bytes from the database (as you have already code written to insert, I think you know how to select). Once you have the bytes, you need to set the mime type and write the bytes to the response stream.

var bytesFromDatabase = getImageFromDatabase();
context.Response.ContentType = "image/jpeg";


Just use a img tag with the cource tet to the aforementioned aspx web page. Eg:

<img src="" alt="image" />
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