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Django form: what is the best way to modify posted data before validating?

form = ContactForm(request.POST)

# how to change form fields' values here?

if form.is_valid():
message = form.cleaned_data['message']

Is there a good way to trim whitespace, modify some/all fields etc before validating data?

Answer Source

You should make request.POST(instance of QueryDict) mutable by calling copy on it and then change values:

post = request.POST.copy() # to make it mutable
post['field'] = value
# or set several values from dict
post.update({'postvar': 'some_value', 'var': 'value'})
# or set list
post.setlist('list_var', ['some_value', 'other_value']))

# and update original POST in the end
request.POST = post

QueryDict docs - Request and response objects

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