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Javascript Question

Unfamiliar with this javascript syntax that I came across

I just started a new job and I have some React code to maintain, there's a file called

this is what the code looks like inside the file.

const events = require("./authenticationEvents.js");

const authenticationHandlers = {
[events.Errored.Name](prev, event) {
const update = {
UnauthorizedError: event.Error

return Object.assign({}, prev, update);
[events.ClearError.Name](prev, event) {
const update = {
UnauthorizedError: null

return Object.assign({}, prev, update);

module.exports = authenticationHandlers;

I don't really have any questions about the functionality of the code but what does the bracket syntax do at lines

In other words what do the brackets mean?

Answer Source

It is so that you can use a variable as a property name:

For example:

const a = 'banana';
const fnName = 'pudding';

const b = {
    [a]: 42,
    [fnName]() {
        console.log(`I am logging from ${fnName}`);

console.log(b); //{banana: 42, pudding: fn}

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