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C# String Formatting Dictionary Intellisence

I've been trying to bold and italicize a few strings in the following example but it's not working. Is it possible to edit the format of the string?

private TestQuickInfoSourceProvider m_provider;
private ITextBuffer m_subjectBuffer;
private Dictionary<string, string> m_dictionary;
public TestQuickInfoSource(TestQuickInfoSourceProvider provider, ITextBuffer subjectBuffer)
m_provider = provider;
m_subjectBuffer = subjectBuffer;

//Methods and their description, good for unique keywords AKA QuickInfo words
m_dictionary = new Dictionary<string, string>();
m_dictionary.Add("adapt", "<b> Process given file </b>\n"

This is the output

What is the proper way to format the string?


Found an easier way to do it with a large amount of data through CSV.

Answer Source

The essential part of your code (which isn't included in your post) is the implementation of the AugmentQuickInfoSession method. I am assuming you are currently simply returning the string values from your m_dictionary there.

Getting formatting results in QuickInfo requires a bit more work. Let's take a look at the definition of AugmentQuickInfoSession:

void AugmentQuickInfoSession(IQuickInfoSession existingQuickInfoSession, IList<object> quickInfoContent, out ITrackin)

The quickInfoContent is a list of object. If you return a String, it'll not be formatted. However, if you return a TextBlock object, you can include formatted text.

Example code:

var textBlock = new TextBlock { TextWrapping = TextWrapping.NoWrap };

var boldRun = new Run("This is a bit of bold text.");
boldRun.FontWeight = FontWeights.Bold;

var normalRun = new Run("This is not very bold.);
textBlock.Inlines.Add(normalRun );


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