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WordPress filters - Filter to control which page is being loaded

I am trying to develope an password role protection on my web. What I need to achieve is to redirect visitors to the login

when they try to enter an specific page if they are Suscriptors. WordPress don't gives us that option so I had to develop myself (I don't want to use external plugins).

I had the role filter, but I can't find the filter to control wich page is being loaded in order to redirect the visitor.

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Add this code in your Function.php file. using template_redirect action hook

This action hook executes just before WordPress determines which template page to load. It is a good hook to use if you need to do a redirect with full knowledge of the content that has been queried.

function template_redirect_fn()
    //add you logic to perform your task  
    //Redirect page to login page 
    if(is_page ('about-us'))

        $loginUrl = "LOGIN URL";
    //if more then one page then used this 

    if( is_page( array( 'about-us', 'contact', 'management' ) )
      // about us, or contact, or management page is in view

add_action( 'template_redirect', 'template_redirect_fn' );

is_page(Page ID OR title OR slug of you want to check )

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