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Remove HTML content groups from start to end of string in JavaScript

I need a regex that could remove the full tag from start to end.

For eg.:

For the given string:

var str = "Hello <script> console.log('script tag') </script> World";

I need an output:

"Hello World" // with full script tag including inner content removed

I am very specific for only the
solution, so don't need browser append tricks.

Kindly notify if this is not possible at all.

I tried this and its variations:

inputString.replace( /<\/?[^>]+(>|$)/g, "" );

But this is not achieving what I want and is removing only the tag elements, leaving the inner content. What
groups should I create in the expression?

I do not need to address stuff like
, as they are already filtered before I receive the string.
No jQuery plz. (I need to store the RegEx as a property to my filter object).

Help appreciated.

Answer Source

This is pure regex solution:

var str = "Hello <script> console.log('script tag') </script> World";
var repl = str.replace(/<([^.]+)>.*?<\/\1>/ig, '');
//=> "Hello  World"

with an assumption that there is no < OR > between opening and closing tags.

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