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Linux : pthread_cond_signal() is not working inside a Signal Handler()

1. In main() am going for pthread_cond_wait().
2. In signal handler() am waking main() using pthread_cond_signal().
3. But main() is not coming out from pthread_cond_wait().

What is wrong here? help me out.

#include <stdio.h>
myclass *myObj = NULL;

In main I am trying to wait for a signal:

int main()
myObj = new myclass;
/* do something */
myobj->gotoWait(); <=== Wait blocked for ever.
/* do clean up here */
return 0;

Signal handler sending a signal to main thread:

static void signalHandler(int sig, siginfo_t *siginfo, void *context)

Actual class implementing the waiting for and sending of signals.

What is wrong here?

pthread_cond_wait(&cnd, &mtx);
pthread_cond_signal(&cnd, &mtx);

Answer Source

In Signal handler there are only a very limited number of syscalls allowed.

see man 7 signal


My Suggestion is, to be on the safe side, the so called "self pipe trick". http://man7.org/tlpi/code/online/diff/altio/self_pipe.c.html

You could start a thread which runs a select Loop on the self pipe and call your appropiate handler.

What is wrong in your code? You are locking a mutex inside the Signal handler

EDIT: Here there is a guide for signals http://beej.us/guide/bgipc/output/html/multipage/signals.html

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