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Objective-C Question

Extract email from CNContactProperty - iOS 9

I have an iOS app which needs access to the Contacts picker view controller in order to allow the user to select a contact property such as email address/ telephone numbers of imessage email addresses.

The problem I am having right now, is that I can't figure out how to parse the returned data. I have made use of the

contactPicker didSelectContactProperty
method, but I am unable to parse the data I need.

-(void)contactPicker:(CNContactPickerViewController *)picker didSelectContactProperty:(CNContactProperty *)contactProperty {

CNLabeledValue *test =;
NSLog(@"%@", test);


If you run the above code you get the following response:

2015-10-11 13:30:07.059 Actions[516:212765] <CNLabeledValue: 0x13656d090: identifier=21F2B1B2-8158-466B-9224-E2036CA07D28, label=_$!<Other>!$_,> 2015-10-11 13:30:07.061 App_Name[516:212765] (
"<CNLabeledValue: 0x13672a500: identifier=6697A0E9-3B91-4566-B26E-83B87979F816, label=_$!<Main>!$_, value=<CNPhoneNumber: 0x13672a660: countryCode=gb, digits=08000391010>>" )

Thats great, but how do I extract the data I need from it? Why are the NSLog statements returning the data in a weird format?

Thanks for your time, Dan.


The returned values are of the CNLabeledValue class. In order to get the value from them, for, say, the emails, do this

CNLabeledValue *emailValue =;
NSString *emailString = email.value;

If the value you wanted a phone number, this is how you would retrieve that

CNLabeledValue *phoneNumberValue =;
CNPhoneNumber *phoneNumber = phoneNumberValue.value;
NSString *phoneNumberString = phoneNumber.stringValue;

Because the returned value is a CNLabeledValue, you are also able to retrieve the phone number or email's label

NSString *emailLabel = emailValue.label; //This may be 'Work', 'Home', etc.
NSString *phoneNumberLabel = phoneNumberValue.label;