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C++ Question

original_order and Arrays in FlatBuffers

The documentation says about original_order:

"original_order (on a table): since elements in a table do not need to be stored in any particular order, they are often optimized for space by sorting them to size. This attribute stops that from happening."

I'm a bit confused now. I considered FlatBuffers tables to be similar to arrays in C++, and in my code I didn't see any issue. For example, I define a LineString geometry like this:

table Vec2List {

table Linestring {

That works. Though is it required to declare original_order?


Answer Source

You don't need original_order. original_order affects the order of fields in a table. Your tables have only one field, so it would have no effect anyway. Vectors are never affected. I forgot why we even have that flag, there is no use for it under normal circumstances.

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