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PHP Question

How to print multiple variables values using loop

I have multiple array variable in my page and i need to add them to google charts and make between 15 to 20 charts but for more easier i want to use a loop to print them
All the variables have something in common in there names
how to use one loop to print all variable

example: I have this variable :

$productshirts = ['red','green'];
$productpants = ['bleu','yellow'];
$productdress = ['green','gold'];
$products = ['shirts','pants','dress'];

now i need to print them in on code using loop foreach

foreach ($products as $product){

but it not work. I get "productshurts , productpants , productdress" and not the array

so how to make them return the data in the array????


Answer Source

this is calling "Variable variables" here is your solution. Just change print loop to this code.

foreach ($products as $product){
    $var = 'product'.$product;

It outputs

Array ( [0] => red [1] => green ) Array ( [0] => bleu [1] => yellow ) Array ( [0] => green [1] => gold )
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