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Ruby Question

Add each array element to the lines of a file in ruby

If I have an array of strings e.g.

a = ['a', 'b', 'c', 'd']

and I want to output the elements, to a file (e.g. .txt) one per line. So far I have:

File.new("test.txt", "w+")
File.open("test.txt", "w+") do |i|

This gives me the array on one line of the test.txt file.
How can I iterate over the array, adding each value to a new line of the file?

Answer Source

Either use Array#each to iterate over your array and call IO#puts to write each element to the file (puts adds a record separator, typically a newline character):

File.open("test.txt", "w+") do |f|
  a.each { |element| f.puts(element) }

Or pass the whole array to puts:

File.open("test.txt", "w+") do |f|

From the documentation:

If called with an array argument, writes each element on a new line.

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