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JSON Question

AngularJS factory returning State object instead of JSON data from promise

I have made two factory and calling first from second one, consuming second one factory in controller but instead of getting data as JSON, I'm getting data as $$State.
I'm new to angularJS tried many ways but not able to solve, please help.

app.factory('userDetails', ['APIService', '$q', function (APIService, $q) {
getDetails: function () {
var deferred = $q.defer();
var getFunc = function () {
function (data)
function (data, status, headers, config)
deferred.reject('There was an error creating object'); })
return deferred.promise;
var a = getFunc();
return a;


vm.user = userDetails.getDetails();

response is as per below snippet



You should be using .then function to get response there. Rather I'd say you don't need to create extra promise, its an anti-pattern. Where you could utilize the promise return by doGetCall method directly.

app.factory('userDetails', ['APIService', '$q', function(APIService, $q) {
  getDetails: function() {
    var getFunc = function() {
      return APIService.doGetCall('Masters/employee/username/tarun');
    var a = getFunc();
    return a;

vm.user = userDetails.getDetails().then(function(response){
    vm.user = response.data;
    console.log("user", vm.user);
}, function(error){