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AngularJS Question

Angularjs $http post file and form data

I have the below request in python

import requests, json, io

cookie = {}
payload = {"Name":"abc"}
url = "/test"
file = "out/test.json"

fi = {'file': ('file', open(file) )}
r ="" + url, data=payload, files=fi, cookies=cookie)

which send a file, and form fields to the backend. How can I do the same (sending file + form fields) with Angular $http. Currently, I do like this, but not sure how to send the file too.

var payload = {"Name":"abc"};
$'/test', payload)
.success(function (res) {

Answer Source

I recently wrote a directive that supports native multiple file uploads. The solution I've created relies on a service to fill the gap you've identified with the $http service. I've also included a directive, which provides an easy API for your angular module to use to post the files and data.

Example usage:

    choose-file-button-text='Choose files'
    upload-file-button-text='Upload files'
    on-done='done(files, data)'
    on-error='error(files, type, msg)'/>

You can find the code on github, and the documentation on my blog

It would be up to you to process the files in your web framework, but the solution I've created provides the angular interface to getting the data to your server. The angular code you need to write is to respond to the upload events

    .module('app', ['lvl.directives.fileupload'])
    .controller('ctl', ['$scope', function($scope) {
        $scope.done = function(files,data} { /*do something when the upload completes*/ };
        $scope.progress = function(percentDone) { /*do something when progress is reported*/ };
        $scope.error = function(file, type, msg) { /*do something if an error occurs*/ };
        $scope.getAdditionalData = function() { /* return additional data to be posted to the server*/ };

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