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Javascript Question

Get all row IDs in jqGrid

How can one get the ID's of every row in a grid, even across pages?

only gives the ID's of the current page.


Answer Source

It is possible only if you have local grid (datatype:'local' or having loadonce:true). In the case all data inclusive ids for all pages are already locally. In the case you can use _index parameter, which will be used typically together with another more known parameter data. With

var idToDataIndex = $("#list").jqGrid('getGridParam','_index');

you will get the _index parameter. It is an object which has as the properties all ids of grid. So you can enumerate the ids with

var id;
for (id in idToDataIndex) {
    if (idToDataIndex.hasOwnProperty(id)) {
        // id is the rowid.
        // to get the data you can use
        // mydata[idToDataIndex[id]] where
        // var mydata = $("#list").jqGrid('getGridParam','data');
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