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Call TypeScript function in HTML without a click event

I know how to call a TypeScript when clicking a button, but how do you call a function without that type of event? I would like to call a function when I have an array called chartData populated. This is what I have:

<div *ngIf="chartData.length">

But instead of
being called, it just prints 'chartMethod()' on the html page.

I've also tried:


but the function was still not called.

Answer Source

It happens because this chartTest() is incapsulated by Angular and is not accessible outside Angular. But inside angular you can, you just need to:

<div *ngIf="chartData.length">

But it will add an undefined in html so just test

<div *ngIf="chartData.length">
    {{chartMethod() ? chartMethod() : ""}}

But I don't think it's html resposibillity call any method, it needs to be done by the component itself in typescript.

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