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Enter Git branch filters using wildcard characters in TFS2015 CI Build

Visual Studio documentation advises that we should be able to use wildcard characters to specify the Git branches that we want to trigger builds.

However, when I try and enter a partial branch name with an asterisk, I don't seem to be able to enter that field value as a filter, either using Tab or Enter keys:

enter image description here

I must be missing something obvious, but how should we enter (and save) such Git branch filters with wildcards, please?

P.S. A branch matching the search pattern does exist, but I need to specifically only set a filter (as opposed to select an existing branch name from a drop-down).

Answer Source

Just type your filter in the field and hit Enter. Then save the build definition.

Don't pay attention to that statement No branches contain the filter text. Might not be obvious UI decision, but works just fine.

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