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C Question

why is the bitwise complement of 10 is -11

Why the result of ~10 is -11? Shouldn't it be 5 as the ~ operations flips every bit.

10 = 1010

~10= 0101 //5 in decimal


int main()

unsigned int b =10;
b= ~b;
printf("bitwise %d\n ",b);
return 0;

Answer Source

Don't forget that you are flipping every bit, including the most significant bit (sign bit for signed variables). Defining a variable as unsigned doesn't change the binary representation, only how the program uses it.

So when you print the number out as signed (%d) you will get -11.

 10 = 0x0000000A (10)
~10 = 0xFFFFFFF5 (-11 signed / 4294967285 unsigned)

To print out as unsigned use:

printf("bitwise %u\n ",b); 
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