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Jade Question

Why does Jade think the link coming from my array should route the user to /admin/thisurl vs the actual link?

In my jade file, I am iterating through an array that is connected to my mongo db. On a separate submission form, the user is able to submit a url which I eventually want to append to the

element in my jade file. As you can see I am trying to do this with ( target="_blank). So I iterate through the array, and grab the link and then try to put in in the

However, when I click on the link on localhost, the route is cannot GET /admin/thisurl. Why is it putting my internal routes when I just want the link to open in a new tab to the website?

each post in posts
a.removeTextDeco(, target='_blank')
// <a href="#">'/facebook-logo.png', alt='facebook logo')

.media-body post.title
div#mainShortDesc.descriptionFont= post.description

Answer Source

if thisurl does not start with http://domain.tld then thisurl is appended to current page url.

that means thisurl is considered relative url.

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