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Web page crawling in C#

I have been given a task to crawl / parse and index available books on many library web page. I usually use HTML Agility Pack and C# to parse web site content. One of them is the following:

If you search for a * (all books) it will return many lists of books, paginated by 10 books per page.

Typical web crawlers that I have found fail on this website. I have also tried to write my own crawler, which would go through all links on the page and generate post/get variables to dynamically generate results. I havent been able to do this as well, mostly due to some 404 errors that I get (although I am certain that the links generated are correct).

The site relies on javascript to generate content, and uses a mixed mode of GET and POST variable submission.

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I'm going out on a limb, but try observing the JavaScript GETs and POSTs with Fiddler and then you can base your crawling off of those requests. Fiddler has FiddlerCore, which you can put in your own C# project. Using this, you could monitor requests made in the WebBrowser control and then save them for crawling or whatever, later.

Going down the C# JavaScript interpreter route sounds like the 'more correct' way of doing this, but I wager it will be much harder and frought with errors and bugs unless you have the simplest of cases.

Good luck.

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