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Javascript Question

Javascript function applied to single div

I have been trying to debug this code... I am trying to limit the function to just one div with the id "left". So far I have tried several variations of $('#left')
$("#left") to $(document.getElementById('left')) all with and without the hashmark.

It is affecting every table in the document rather than the single container.

Here is a link to the jfiddle... jfiddle

$('#left').ready(function() {

promise = $.ajax({


var dataArr = data.split("\n");

if (this != "") {

var row = new String("");
valArr = this.split(",");
row += "<tr>"

$.each(valArr, function(){
row += "<td>" + this +"</td>"

row += "</tr>"





// Run script if request fails {
console.log('A failure ocurred');


Answer Source

The problem code is $('tbody').append(row);. You are telling jQuery to append row to all tbody elements it finds.

If you only want to include it in <tbody> elements that are children of #left you need to do

$('#left tbody').append(row)
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