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C# Question

Write directly to Amazon S3

I am reading Amazon S3 documentation, but I am bit lost...

Actually, user upload a file to Amazon S3, then, I copy it to EC2, proccess it, back to S3 and user can download it.

When I proccess the file, I need to create a html file, and I need to create in Amazon S3, but I don't know how can I create this file directly on S3. Right now, I create a file on EC2 and then I move it to S3.

To create this html y use:

TextWriter tw = new StreamWriter(pathFile);

Where page is a string with html code, and pathFile is:
string outputWap = Server.MapPath("~/xxx.html");

I'm using ASP.NET MVC 2.

Thanks for your help.



If you are using the AWS SDK for .Net you could try using PutObjectRequest with the InputStream set instead of FilePath although I haven't tried this myself.

Otherwise I don't really see what's wrong with the way you are currently doing it anyway.