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Plotly Bar chart, add a second factor for coloring, opacity or border color

I want to render a

bar chart in a shiny application adding two factors.
One factor is no problem, the second makes trouble. And I'm not sure if its possible at all.

Here is some data.
is the grouping factor for grouping or coloring. This is relatively easy and straightforward.

df <- data.frame(A=letters[1:5],B=runif(5),C=sample(1:3,5,replace = T))
df <- df[order(df$B, decreasing = T),]
5 e 0.9404673 2
4 d 0.8830174 2
2 b 0.7883051 2
3 c 0.4089769 3
1 a 0.2875775 1

plot_ly(df, type = "bar", x = A, y = B, group = C)

enter image description here

Now I'm trying to add a further variable to change the border (e.g. in red, but could be that this isn't possible) or the opacity. Important is, that I don't want to change the legend or overall grouping. Only add a red line or add opacity to some bars.

So, I add some data:

df$D <- c(0.2, 1, 0.2, 1, 0.2)

But everthing I tried is not working.

plot_ly(df, type = "bar", x = A, y = B, color = as.factor(C)) # similar, but different order
plot_ly(df, type = "bar", x = A, y = B, group = as.factor(C)) # same order, other colors
plot_ly(df, type = "bar", x = A, y = B, group = C, color = as.factor(C)) #adds a second group
plot_ly(df, type = "bar", x = A, y = B, group = C, opacity = as.factor(D)) # no idea whats happening
plot_ly(df, type = "bar", x = A, y = B, color = as.factor(C), opacity = as.factor(D)) # the opacity of e is wrong

Do you have an idea to solve the problem using perhaps
together or something else?

My expected output, bars with
are shown with a more thicker border:
enter image description here

Answer Source

You could try:

df %>% 
  plot_ly(x = A, y = B, type = "bar", group = C, 
          marker = list(line = list(width = ifelse(D == 0.2, 10, NA), 
                                    color = ifelse(D == 0.2, "red", NA))),
          showlegend = FALSE)

Which gives:

enter image description here


Should you want to control opacity instead, I guess you could play with toRGB():

cols <- RColorBrewer::brewer.pal(length(unique(df$C)), name = "Set1")
df$color <- factor(df$C, labels = cols)

df %>% 
  plot_ly(x = A, y = B, type = "bar",
          marker = list(color = toRGB(color, alpha = D)))

enter image description here

Although the legend is still going to be a problem using this approach.

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