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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How to capture the value of a textbox from an OnChange event

In my C# MVC app, I have a series of textboxes that are generated as such...

@foreach (object item in items)

The rendered result is a series of text boxes that look like this....

<input class="item-quantities valid" data-bomid="1939" data-rid="2054" id="AddedItemIDs_1939_" name="AddedItemIDs[1939]" onchange="ChangeItemQuantity(156,78)" onkeypress="return isNumberKey(event)" type="text" value="7" aria-invalid="false">

<input class="item-quantities valid" data-bomid="1940" data-rid="1055" id="AddedItemIDs_1940_" name="AddedItemIDs[1940]" onchange="ChangeItemQuantity(159,90)" onkeypress="return isNumberKey(event)" type="text" value="1">

Now, I need a javascript / jquery function in which I can capture three values:

  1. bomid

  2. rid

  3. the new value of the textbox

I am just fine capturing the value when the textbox loses focus (tab out, etc.)

I have tried this (WITHOUT onchange="ChangeItemQuantity()" in the textbox), but for some reason I can never get this event to fire. Plus, I'd rather NOT do it this way, because then I am forced to be rigid on what classes I assign to the textboxes....

$(function () {
$('.item-quantities.valid').change(function () {
var value = $(this).val();
var bomid= $(this).data('bomid');
var rid= $(this).data('rid');

And I have tried this (WITH onchange="ChangeItemQuantity(159,90)" in the textbox). I would RATHER do it this way, as it allows me to be flexible with the classes in the text box...

function ChangeItemQuantity(bomid, rid) {
// no idea how I would capture the value here.

Answer Source

Add another argument to the function to pass the element in and get it's value:

 onchange="ChangeItemQuantity(156,78, this)"

function ChangeItemQuantity(bomid, rid, el) {