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Python Question

python how to traversal a binary search tree using inorder/pre/post/ without recursion?

In python 3

class BinaryTree:
=== Private Attributes ===
@type _root: object | None
@type _left: BinaryTree | None
@type _right: BinaryTree | None

def __init__(self, root, left, right):

if root is None:
# store an empty BinaryTree
self._root = None
self._left = None
self._right = None
self._root = root
self._left = left
self._right = right

def is_empty(self):
return self._root is None

I know how to traverse this binary tree recursively, but I'm wondering how to do it without recursion

Answer Source

You can use stack method to do tree traversal without recursion. I am giving example for inorder

def inOrder(root):

    # Set current to root of binary tree
    current = root 
    s = [] # initialze stack
    done = 0

    while(not done):

        # Reach the left most Node of the current Node
        if current is not None:

            # Place pointer to a tree node on the stack 
            # before traversing the node's left subtree

            current = current.left 

        # BackTrack from the empty subtree and visit the Node
        # at the top of the stack; however, if the stack is 
        # empty you are done
            if(len(s) >0 ):
                current = s.pop()
                print current.data,

                # We have visited the node and its left 
                # subtree. Now, it's right subtree's turn
                current = current.right 

                done = 1

For more explanation you can consider https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLQKdq0Ffjg&t=755s tutorial

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