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Javascript Question

javascript console.log new feature with 'raw'?

I have encounter this example and was completely lost...

const test = (hey) => console.log(hey);

console.log(test `wtf`);

First all this is valid, in the console.log, it appear to be

["wtf", raw: Array[1]]

It's like the function is been executed and with extra
? can someone please explain?

Answer Source

It's just a Tagged Template Literal. It looks fancy, but there's nothing too special about it. Note, they're part of ES6/ES2015 so you will need to tranpsile them if you plan on supporting older browsers.

Template literals are string literals allowing embedded expressions. You can use multi-line strings and string interpolation features with them. They were called "template strings" in prior editions of the ES2015 / ES6 specification.

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